Bob Scott

Bob Scott

  • Warden at Dungeness Bird Observatory for 15 years.
  • Warden of RSPB Northward Hill Reserve for 4 years.
  • Moved to RSPB HQ in 1979 to oversee reserves.
  • Became Head of Reserves Management a post he held until he retired in 1997.
  • Acted as Tour Leader for several organisations mainly Gullivers Natural History Holidays and The British Bulgarian Society.
  • During his life taught many WEA Classes on Bird Study.
  • Died in March 2009.


Ann Scott

  • Started work with RSPB in 1974 as Development Officer.
  • Left to marry Bob in 1977.
  • On moving to Cambridgeshire with Bob returned to RSPB as Development Officer in 1981.
  • Moved in 1985 to Wildlife Adviser position within Society.
  • Retired with Bob in 1997 by then Senior Wildlife Adviser.
  • Acted as Tour Leader with and without Bob for Gullivers NHH and BBS
  • Also taught many WEA Classes on Bird Study.
  • Began the Bob Scott Memorial Appeal shortly after Bob died.

Bob Scott wrote a number of articles for British Birds Journal and scientific papers but is probably known best to the average birdwatcher for the following books:

The Birdwatchers Key by Bob Scott and Don Forrest. ISBN 9780723218296
The Illustrated Birdwatchers Calendar by Bob Scott.  ISBN 9780753723531
The Atlas of British Birdlife by Bob Scott.  ISBN 9780600333197