The following organisations and people have supported the Bob Scott Memorial Appeal in various ways.

A Rocha UK

A Christian conservation organisation with Headquarters in UK.  –  Without their work I could not have bought the land.

A Rocha Mwamba

This is the centre on the coast that employs the staff to manage and oversee the reserve.

BirdLife International

BirdLife International act as my bankers so that every penny I receive is passed to them until we all agree on land for purchase. 

Nature Kenya

Nature Kenya are also involved in the area and doing their best to educate people into the most suitable and sustainable use of the forest.


Have been constant and helpful supporters since the Appeal started.  The staff are truly wonderful.


Vincent Matania – Has produced an excellent banner for me for use at the BirdFair and other events.  My grateful thanks go to him.
[email protected]

Ben Designs

Ben Designs – Has put together this website for me.  My grateful thanks go to him.

Julie Henderson

Has done her best to ensure I do not give up on this Appeal and put together the artwork used by IDL UK for the banner.

Peter Partington

Artist.   Has supported my efforts over the years with generous donations of his work and help with BirdFair stand.


To the many friends who also support with time and efforts my thanks are also extended especially to Gillian Cox and Bob and Jacky Gulliver.